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Kareyce Fotso (CM)

Kareyce Fotso was born in Cameroon in the Bamileke country but raised in the Beti area. After finishing her undergraduate studies in Bio-Chemistry, Kareyce turned herself towards the cinema and got a diploma in broadcasting and photography.

She started singing in cabaret around Yaounde, did the backvocals of many artists in Cameroon like Sally Nyolo and then joined the “Korogno Jam” of Erik Aliana where she was noticed, durign all the internatinal tours, thanks to her presence on stage and her exceptional voice.She won the price of “best comedian 2009” in the theatre in the French- speaking national scene.

In 2009, she represented Cameroon at the “Games of the Francophonie” in Beyrouth, at the first Commemoration of the end of the slavery at the United Nations” and she was invited at the Sukiyaki Festival in Japan.

She won the prize “Visa for creation” of Cultures France and during her residence in France, she worked with François Kokelaere, musician and artistic director who founded and managed the “Ensemble National des Percussions de Guinee” ,From this meeting, a repertoire and a solo spectacle was born.

In 2010, Kareyce begins her collaboration with the management & Label Contre-Jour (Belgium) & her first CD “KWEGNE” is released some months later.

Further this, Kareyce is touring in Europe in 2010 & 2011 in some prestigious places like Womad UK, Fesitval Musiques Metisses (Angoulême) , Tanksfolkfestival (Rudolfstadt) …
In 2011, Kareyce takes part to some concerts with Habib Koite like vocal guest
In 2012 & 2013, Kareyce is invited to participate to the project Acoustic Africa – women voices with Dobet Gnahore & Manou Gallo. This project was touring in Africa, Europe and USA . Kareyce presented some of her songs and was singer and percussion or guitar player for the 2 others female artists. Her stage presence was just amazing thanks to her humor, sensuality and generosity.

2014 – Release of her 2nd album “MOKTE” produced with the nice collaboration of François Kokelaere & Gino Sitson and some other musicians invited as well.
She will be now on the road with a guitar player for a show with always more emotions.
A foot in her culture and the other one in a modern world, Kareyce Fotso is an African woman, full of life, charm, humour and real talent. A powerful voice, original, recognisable between others, tinted lightly by a vell of blues.
A unique jewel in the constellation of the African stars.
On stage, Kareyce rocks us with her pretty melodies followed by her guitar then gives her all in the songs. Suddenly, she flips in a more traditional Africa and plays a small “lamellohpone” (sanza). She stands up to dance, janglers on her feet or followed by a wooden drum. She ends with a humoristic song in the purest spirit of the singer “Zao”.
Her concert is very personal, varied and catches a particular universe. We are under the charm of so much talent and spontaneity.