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Kee Avil (CA)

Kee Avil is the solo song project of musician Vicky Mettler, based in Montreal, QC. It combines guitar, voice and electronics into song forms that stagger between structure and improvisation. Kee Avil evolved from playing the guitar with broken cymbals and drumsticks into creating strange beats glued together by samples of screws dropped into crystal bowls. Assembled through a unique songwriting approach, the result is noisy avant-pop defined by a sense of organized chaos that borders between the weird and the familiar.

A debut EP was released on Black Bough Records in March 2018.
Festival performances of Kee Avil and past projects include: Flourish Festival (April 2019), Digital in Berlin - Kiezsalon (Fall 2019), Outer Reaches (KS), Suoni per il popolo, Lux Magna, Pop Montreal, TONE (TO), Festival International de Musique Actuelle de Victoriaville, NMASS (TX), Cuch Fest, Ibrida Pluri, Something Else! (ON) and Sudbury Jazz Festival.
Recent tours include a 5-week USA tour in summer 2018 and a six-week USA tour in fall 2018. Selected performances include support for Marc Ribot (Tom Waits, John Zorn, Ceramic Dog), Fly Pan Am (Constellation Records) and Brian Carpenter (Beat Circus, Ghost Train Orchestra).

Vicky Mettler is also a member of Land of Kush (Constellation Records).