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La Sonora Cubana (CU)

LA SONORA CUBANA is the soul of Cuban Son! Cuban Son is a music style that unites all the rhythms of the Cuban traditional and popular music.

The group which was formed by the Havana-born percussionist Jesus “Chuchi” Rivera is set to revitalize the Golden Age of the Cuban music of the 1950s. LA SONORA CUBANA regularly invites to Europe music stars of that age such as Ignacio "Mazacote" Carrilo Pipo Hernandez and Carmen Flores “the Afro voice of the Caribbean” (in 2006).

This year, LA SONORA CUBANA will bring to stage a real legend of the Cuban music, the maestro Ignacio “Mazacote” Carrillo who have sang with the greatest musical groupings of that genre including Afro-Cuban All-Stars, Ibrahim Ferrer, Conjunto Bolero Felix Chapottín and La Charanga of Neno González...

In the company of the talented musicians of the LA SONORA CUBANA, Mazacote has the real pleasure of singing his own music works such as Lengua Lisa, No comas más Bombón, Mi muerta Ilusion in addition to other standard pieces of the Cuban music repertoire.

For the purposes of concerts and international festivals Chuchi Rivera (the artistic director) select a line-up of Cuban musicians, who reside in Europe and others who travel from the island to perform with Mazacote. La guajira (the countryside woman), Consuelo Posada accompanies the maestro as his second voice.

In addition, LA SONORA CUBANA, in an effort to reach out the largest possible public, has recently decided to associate itself with the renowned Belgian singer MARKA for a music fusion which promises to be a success. An album and a concert in Havana are currently being prepared.

MAZACOTE & LA SONORA CUBANA, entail pure concentrated energy, nostalgia and romanticism. It is a fascinating fusion that explodes on stage in an amazing way! Enjoy the unique occasion of listening to the irresistible and mystic voice of the Maestro of Cuban Son Ignacio “Mazacote” Carrillo. Visit our Website www.lasonoracubana.com.