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Usi ES (BE)

Usi ES is the musical alter ego of Esther Weemaes (BE). A dark voice, a coy but glowing heart and some intriguing arrangements take you on a trip to a place in the woods.

Genre: A singer-songwriter playing dark but sometimes sparkly electro-pop. If this was a relationship status, it would say 'It's complicated'.

For fans of Kate Bush, PJ Harvey, CocoRosie and cats in general.

Usi ES used to play and dream for herself. During a holiday in 2019 she set out to Finland, to be alone on an island. She left with too much thermal underwear, ‘The Complete Short Stories’ by Roald Dahl, and a midi-keyboard. She came home with the song ‘Billy Weaver’, and it would turn out to be the first song on her 4-track EP 'Mutiny'. This debut-EP was received very well by music blogs and Ayco Duyster chose the song Billy Weaver as 'the Sound of Silence' (her song of the day on Radio 1). A few months later she also released the song 'Christian' as a single, which was picked up by Radio 1. Usi ES was invited to play some nice support gigs for Sylvie Kreusch and Matt Watts. in Arenberg, Handelsbeurs and (2x) AB.