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Von Detta (BE)

With their pure and powerful rock VON DETTA are serving the groove and saluting the melody. It’s a trip down good ol’ memory lane which throws you straight back to the gritty sounds of the 90s. The band’s subtle influences of that era are being seasoned with a twisted modern feel to create their unique sound.

To make things clean, one must burn away the filth... With ‘Burn it clean’ VON DETTA release their upcoming EP that will captivate your musical senses and stir up the groove. Being both raw and elegant, rough and sublime, ‘Burn It Clean’ comes with a soulful lasting echo. ‘Burn It Clean’ is a rip-roaring episode of each band member’s life. A soundtrack reminiscent of the battles of one’s inner angels and demons.

"Delightfully upset guitars, exciting drumming and a fantastic singer ensure that you are catapulted straight into the desert." – Amped Up
"‘Exit Grand Piano’ is a joyous EP that recalls, in places, that transitional period when American punk loving youths, strung out on peyote and LSD, loaded their vehicles with instruments and amps and headed into the desert and in doing so started a whole new musical scene." – Stonerking blogspot

Hailing from Gent, Belgium, VON DETTA started out in 2013 as a five piece riff based groove project. While celebrating their love for old school rock ‘n roll, ‘Exit Grand Piano’ became soon after the band’s first piece of work on record. While working on new material, the essential foundations of the band started to shake. Life as it comes forced the band’s singer, Tom, to bid his goodbyes to the band. Manuel, one of the band’s friends, offered to step in and lend his vocal charisma to the band, allowing VON DETTA to take off. ‘Burn It Clean’ is all about five distinct pieces falling nicely together as one.

Von Detta (Gent – Belgium) is:

Manuel – vocals
Koen – drums
Jeroen - bass
Ief – guitars
Jonas – guitars

For fans of Deftones, Alice In Chains, Soundgarden, Wallace Vanborn

‘Burn It Clean’ is produced by Ian Clement (singer / guitarist from Wallace Vanborn) and mixed by Chiaran Verheyden (Psychonaut)