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Wallace Vanborn (BE)

Since its inception with “Free Blank Shots” in 2010 Wallace Vanborn grew to be one of the staples of the Belgian Rock scene. Known mostly for their mixture of heavy guitars and catchy hooks, Ian Clement, Sylvester Vanborm and Dries Hoof have provided the landscape with 10 years worth of sound.

While songs like “Atom Juggler”, “Found In L.A.”, “Cougars”, "We Are What We Hide" and “Vampires (Big Drain)” raided the airwaves, they’ve played more than 400 shows throughout Europe and the USA.

The band recorded with the likes of David Botrill (known for his work with Muse, Placebo, Tool) who produced their second album “Lions, Liars, Guns and God” in 2012 and Chris Goss (known for his work with Queens Of The Stone Age, Mark Lanegan & UNKLE) who produced their third album “The Orb We Absorb” in 2014.

So... if a three piece rock band is all you need... how about two?

When Seb Dokman (Paceshifters) invited Wallace Vanborn to play at his “These Go To Eleven” festival a friendship quickly grew. Seb sent out the invite for a split release and three times three handshakes later the bands are ready to hit the road together for a select lineup of venues.

Let it be known: Wallace Vanborn (BE) are slowly clawing back out of hibernation and will be releasing a split 10 inch with Paceshifters (NL) this year for record store day.

Both bands will bring two brand new unreleased songs to the table.

foto © Anton Coene