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The Slampampers (NL)

In 1991 Muggin'Buzz Base meets Mr.Lonny Love playing his Sax
somewhere in the streets of Eindhoven Holland
they are both playing on the streets to avoid poverty......so
they decide to play together and that's how The Slampampers started
A couple of months later Mr. Eddy D.D. Edison joins the group which raises the energy level tremendously !
One year later Dr. Alban Jive enters the scene and without being aware of whatever surrounds him he has become the drummer without his mother and a contract but hey, who cares ?
Now we have the complete band !
And over the years The Slampampers play more and more
, better and better, entertaining the audiences
Since 1991 they have performed almost a 1300 times, on street-corners, in peoples kitchens but also lots at streetfestivals, jazzfestivals and theatres (small and less small ! )
In 2006 Eddy follows his longlife-dream and starts the “Eddy Only” onemanshow and quits the group touring the world all by himself .

From that time on the Slampampers are “on the lose” and as a trio they tour the world . Their show has become even more magical, captivating and interactive.
They just want more !

Over the last few years this group has travelled all over Europe. They have succeeded in leaving behind them a lasting & excellent impression on many festivals with their unplanned acrobatics, horny horns, surprising slapstick, enchanting male voices & their spectacular performances. This trio are both excellent musicians and great comedians. Their music combines doowop and jump & jive, throwing in an occasional rap and now they’ve grown up to be experienced professional entertainers that play theatres and large venues.