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Köhn (BE)

Köhn is the electronic alter ego of Jürgen De Blonde.

1st keyboard @ age of 12: crappy little casio
2 years later: crappy big casio and crappy medium yamaha, overdubbing on a double tape-deck boombox
2 years later: crappy sampler, midi controller, four track tape recorder, crappy electric guitar, crappy mic, sequencer
later added Pro-One
Doing everything from attempts to noise rock, jazz, synth stuff, pop, jazz, beats, electronics
Released 5 tapes as Ed Nolbed
Joined de portables
First CD Album in 1998, second CD Album in 1999, invited by Sonic Youth to play their first part, played numerous shows all over Europe, released CD Pop Album under own name (Hidden Rabbit on Tomlab)
Music for shortfilms: "Papillon d'Amour" by Nicolas Provost, "Van den heiligen drien" by Karen Vanderborght, "Periodictable" by Fabio Iaquone, "S*ckmyP" by Kurt Dhaseleer...
Released 2CD "Koen", magnum opus in 2001
Released Bruce Willis ep on Western Vinyl in 2003
Started working for André Gingras, making scores for his contemporary dance pieces
Work for other choreographers: Sylvain Emard, Arno Schuitemaker, Jussi Noussianen, Jesus de la Vega
Formed duo with kptmichigan ==> Super Reverb, released "avantgarde is the french word for shit" in 2005, second album in 2011
Released "we need more space in the cosmos" in 2009
Collaborated with Dirk Wachtelaer, Novisad, Heleen Van Haegenborgh, Bherman, Filip Gheysen, Wio, Eric Craven, Rebecca Lenaerts
Currently working for Aifoon and preparing stuff for more releases