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"Het mooiste verdriet van België" > De Morgen

"Luister naar ‘Dive’ en het kost je geen enkele moeite om je voor te stellen dat Mia Prce al op haar achtste melodieën aan haar Casio-keyboard ontlokte. De barokke openingstrack ‘Revolver’ weifelt tussen melancholie en tristesse; ‘Ghost’ blaast het stof van een Raymond Scott-slaapwijsje. In ‘Waves’ doet aarzelend geplinkeplonk de wereld ontdooien na een veel te lange winter, en wanneer in ‘Neon Glow’ de onrust binnensijpelt, neigt Miaux naar de superieure B-film-suspense van John Carpenter.
‘Rêverie Parallèle’ lijkt door een mist van doedelzakgedruis te walsen, maar wellicht speelt onze verbeelding ons hier parten. Want in al haar radicale, omfloerste schoonheid roept ‘Dive’ voortdurend nieuwe associaties en beelden op. ’t Is een plaat die doet dromen tijdens saaie file-uren en herinneringen ophaalt die in de plooien van de tijd verloren leken. Minimalisme met maximaal effect: wij zijn fan." > review van Herbert Struyf voor Humo (***)

"To those who swam in a lake filled with the bitter tears of Petra Von Kant, drip with salt when Twin Peaks´ heroic theme song comes out of a tv or simply burst out in tears whenever a tune sends you back to the darker corners of your childhood, we got bad news: the first full lenght lp by Sarajevo born Belgian Mia Prce (aka Miaux, say "mio", not the sound cats produce) is stripped from anything that sounds rhythmic, happy or remotely like "hope" and will not stop you from sobbing! "Sehnsucht" is a German word that one could probably translate, though that never fully holds the feeling it owns in German. (Kraut) monsters like Michael Rother, Klaus Schultze and so on, translated it best with melancholic sound fields that formed the soundtrack of Miaux´s upbringing, a open sounding uptightness, sad but (really) true (to herself). These 6 new pieces are a relief for a lot of body parts: tears finally leave the bags underneath your glasses, drool finally leaves your mouth and that yellow crust runs out of your ears as those two flappers want to enjoy this lp to the fullest. " > text by Dennis Tyfus, Ultra Eczema

"Miaux - the master of beautiful micro-releases. Armed with a Casio and devastating song writing skills. Her music is minimal, melancholic and timeless, somewhere between Roedelius, Ruth White and electronic realisations of Baroque music" > text by Roope Eronen, Lal Lal Lal

"The general gloom Miaux spreads on her sandwiches is darker than Tatort and could easily replace any soundtrack of a Fassbinder movie"
"The music of Miaux remains very melancholic, like if Neu's instruments were stolen on tour and replaced with 1 casio with a red lamp buzzing "low battery", it still fits in the only movies I like to watch. All the others are a waste of time!" > text by Dennis Tyfus, Ultra Eczema

"Four compositions, all organically scored, played and recorded "with two hands". forming an unintentional beautiful and singular take on 1950's styled keyboard exotica" > text by Lieven Martens Moana, Taped Sounds