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Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca

Raised in The Democratic Republic of the Congo (known as Zaire at the time) with Angolan family roots, Ricardo Lemvo came to the US in the 1980s to pursue a law degree and ended up devoting his life to music. He has recorded numerous international hit songs, which have earned him fame not only in North America and Europe but also in Angola, Colombia, Senegal and many other countries. "I'm always hearing Ricardo's songs in unexpected places," notes Edgar, who travels widely researching music trends, "I've heard Mambo Yo Yo blasting from speakers in Barcelona, Cartagena, Paris, Dakar, Istanbul…I even heard it at a club in Tokyo not long ago. Ricardo is one of those rare artists whose music has universal appeal."

La Rumba Soy Yo is a multinational undertaking that was recorded in three continents and four countries (US, Canada, France, Angola). It took Lemvo three years to complete and sees him looking back to his Angolan roots for inspiration. Three of the songs were written in collaboration with Angolan artists (Calo Pascoal, Kyaku Kyadaff, Adao Filipe) and the styles featured include Cuban and African rumba and soukous, Angolan kizomba and semba and Cuban son and salsa. The title track offers an upbeat and irresistible tropical hook that will certainly be one of the party anthems of this summer and many years to come.