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Hypochristmutreefuzz (BE)

Hypo, short for Hypochristmutreefuzz, is a raw electronic five headed band formed around singer Ramses Van den Eede hailing from Ghent, Belgium. Notorious for their intense live performances with powerful grooves, tamed chaos and irresistible hooks.

“Whilst wild and undeniably distinctive Hypochristmutreefuzz understand that a song being intelligent and complex need not exclude it from having a raw, rhythmic energy and a strong sense of melody, conjuring up imagery of a pop-infused satanic ritual. This translates into their live shows, performing in total darkness with one strobe light per artist and Ramses Van den Eede frantically thrashing and gyrating around the room amongst the audience members. Their bizarre and almost ceremonial live performance is enough to get even the most unassuming and inhibited members of the audience moving.” (Northern Transmissions 27/06/2017)

HYPNOS (unreleased)

The second album “Hypnos”, due March 2020, builds upon the renowned experiments of their debut. Don’t be mistaken though, it won’t be the same thing twice. Toning down on pompous rock riffs created headspace, now filled with impending silences, shrieking arpeggiators and infinite rants. Interludes in between songs give you a deeper glance of what goes on beneath the surface. This new approach gracefully transforms the album into a movie-like storyboard of a protagonist taunted by a personality with conflicting aspects. This character, who is obviously a romantic trying to escape his own reality by various means, is both in search of affection and solitude while being arrogant, self-centered and insecure at the same time. Will it be to no avail to lock himself up, deprive himself of any sleep and pondering on and on?

Hypo says:

As the personification of sleep, Hypnos is an old and close friend. Though you may not be aware of him, because he's so self-evident, he comes by night just like tonight. Cause I wasn't planning to go to sleep.