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Raveyards (BE)

The Raveyards Experience Continues!
After the ‘Back to the Cave’ tour, of playing in god-forsaken crypts, grottos and cellars where no one ever set foot to play music before, the band wants more of the same extraordinary experiences for their fans. Their venue-driven performances are an experience for the band as much as for the fans. They have vowed to keep a foot firmly planted in the unknown and continue to seek close encounters with their audience.

Hence the immersive live shows where they perform in a non-stage setup with the audience surrounding the band, bringing an experience of visuals, light and sound. Raveyards have created a road show where they bring all that is needed. The only thing they need from the venue is electricity. This enables them to perform wherever they want.

Raveyards have also developed their own conceptual nights, called GHOST , a place of sound and vision, where they bring bands and artists together to perform at a unique location, such as big empty warehouses or churches, in the woods, .... (no typical venue setting). In the end they try to make every ghost night unconventional and unforgettable .

As immersive art and music experiences are central to the Raveyards experience, the band is moreover the Belgian pioneer in 360° video, composed of a live performance for their track LANK. Soon, more VR 360° videos will be released.

At the moment, Raveyards are locked in an on-going quest to shape sound in new ways, constantly exploring new digital experiences with their fan base. All these components are coming together for their first mini album, entitled KYEM, due in Spring 2016.

The album is produced by band member Francois De Meyer, who wanted it to be a representation of their live show without compromise. It was mixed by YUKSEK, French artist, producer and owner of the label Partyfine, who worked together with Francois on Villa tracks. The artwork for the album is provided by renowned Belgian painter/sculptor Thomas Lerooy.

History of the Band:
Francois De Meyer and Stefan Bracke founded Raveyards, and have a long history together. They co-own a studio and work brilliantly as a team. Raveyards started out as a three-piece band with Pieter de Wilde (Raketkanon). This first chapter of the band’s story began as they released videos of their earlier tracks REMEMBER and STUNTS on Vimeo, which quickly became Vimeo staff picks, and with an electrifying performance at I love Techno.

The band then took a musical turn in search of new horizons into a more dreamy and visual direction. Their many different musical influences go from down tempo / ambient / experimental / emotional to darker shamanic post-desert rock. Played completely live (no sequencers), this is digital music in its most organic form!

After a long search for the perfect composition, they are now a five-piece band, with on lead vox synths: Francois De Meyer (Villa, Diskodrunkards, Soapstarter); on synths and computers: Stefan Bracke (The Subs, Foxylane); on guitar and vocals, Brent Vanneste (Steak Number Eight, Psygasus); on drums: Joris Casier (Steak Number Eight); and on synths vocals Stefanie Mannaerts (Brutus). Friends of the band help to shape the immersive, total experience. Randall Diagre (light) and Bert van Maris (video) are the hidden members of Raveyards.
Together, they testify to a century and more of popular culture. Their tracks have echoes of all types of music and non-music, from the industrial buzzsaw sounds of distorted drum- machines to the sounds of sonar and the twangy guitars of an obscure B-movie soundtrack from the seventies. William Burroughs, the dark high-priest of the band, once said that ‘when you cut into the present, the future leaks out’. Raveyards have assimilated and then assassinated the past and present in their work, to make their own way into there future. This is music that not only stakes its claim to your ears, but shows that music occupies space as well, so it is not surprising that their videos are slickly and shockingly cinematic. Like David Lynch says ‘my job is to marry sound and image’. Raveyards speaks this language fluently. Watch them. Listen to them. Let them ...

It is obvious that they have found each other: feel, hear and see them, the search is over, welcome to the Raveyards experience!

foto (c) Eva Vlonk