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Duke Garwood (UK)

Recorded in the summer of 2020 in Bungalow Magic studios with longtime collaborator Paul May taking care of percussion and drums., Garwood on Vocals, keys, Guitar, bass and guitar. The framework for the songs was created with percussion and organ as the bed, with extra instruments being added as the compositions took shape. The impulse was to create music without inhibition, open and positive.

The live band will feature John J Presley on bass, Paul V May on drums and percussion, Duke Garwood on guitar, vocals, keys, clarinet and saxophone.

The latest collaboration was with Morcheeba on Blackest Blue, Previous releases are , Last Party on Earth, with Hifi Club ,Subsound Records and With animals and Black Pudding with Mark Lanegan, on Heavenly Recordings, both received widespread critical acclaim, and a sold out tour of the UK and Europe.

Garwood’s last 2 solo records, Heavy Love ,and Garden of Ashes also received high praise and syncs in tv shows Bloodline, Tin Star, and Rocco Sciavonne. Garwood has toured and played with Mark Lanegan ,Savages, Dave Gahan and Soulsavers, Seasick Steve, Kurt Vile , Wire, Josh T Pearson, and Archie Bronson Outfit.

"In the deep summer heat wave of 20, when everything was closed and people were closed and hiding, I hit the road west to join my brother in music in his place, bungalow magic. We knew we had to play, for our souls, for the soul of humanity, to bring down the machine and tyranny, to invite the angels in, to save our selves from insanity.

Play we did, The guitars detuned until the bees wings would make the strings sing. We began with the drum, and the the things that shake and rattle, the drones of the heat, we sweated and we worked it until the night calmed us. This is not a lock down album, for we were free in our spirits when this was created, free from any desires to conquer and fill our pockets with the booty of success. This is a heat soaked fever dream of our soul nectar in sonic form." - Duke J Garwood