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Sam De Nef (BE)

Last year, when Sam De Nef released his debut EP, Lonely Day, Crowded Year, he wore the apparent influences of the song writing greats (Young, Cohen, Dylan…) high up his sleeve, in a minimal, mostly acoustic setting. This time, thanks in big part to the contributions of and creative chemistry with band mate, multi-instrumentalist, and co-producer Pieter-Jan De Craene, his musical palette has more on offer. In keeping with the painter’s metaphor, there’s more depth, shade, and hue to his imagined still-lifes, portraits, and sceneries.

Over the course of one year, Sam wrote, composed, and recorded the skeleton of this debut album in a period of transition, moving from his parental home on the idyllic outskirts of Antwerp to an apartment closer to the urban centre. And yet, despite being in domestic flux, all ten songs on Dawn/Dusk bask in the same intimate, hospitable glow.

‘There has to be a certain amount of chaos, or it just doesn’t work’, Sam De Nef summarizes his modus operandi. Sam is a young songwriter, a singer and a musician, but he’s a sketch artist at heart.

Just like the paintings of lonesome figures in eerie settings he brushes up occasionally, Sam composes his songs by carefully picking a color and mood. Spontaneous movements are woven into clearly defined shapes and melodies. Impressionist lyrics provide the finishing touch, and the cast of guest musicians featured on Dawn/Dusk is invited according to the shade or contrast they can add to the final picture.

Sam's debut album Dawn / Dusk is due October 14 2022.