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vr 11.03.2016

Joan Shelley (US) / Nathan Salsburg (US)

Singer-songwriter - Americana

De Amerikaanse singer-songwriter Joan Shelley is into folk. Ze is gezegend met een hemels mooie stem en schrijft poëtische teksten.

Joan Shelley is een singer-songwriter uit Kentucky. Ze is gezegend met een luisterrijke stem, vergelijkbaar met die van Sandy Denny van Fairport Convention. Shelley schrijft slimme, hemels mooie nummers met poëtische teksten. De songs zijn doorspekt met een fraaie dosis mystiek en nostalgie.

In 2015 bracht Joan Shelley haar derde album ‘Over And Even’ uit. Ze kreeg daarvoor assistentie van niemand minder dan Will Oldham, vooral bekend als Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. "One of the most beautiful releases of the year," weet NPR music.

Live laat Joan zich begeleiden door zanger Glen Dentinger en gitarist Nathan Salsburg, die in het dagelijkse leven het archief van Alan Lomax beheert. Hij zal de avond ook openen met een instrumentale soloset.

Joan Shelley is a singer-songwriter from Kentucky. She was blessed with an exquisite voice, that has been compared to the voice of Sandy Denny of Fairport Convention. Shelley writes clever and heavenly songs filled with poetry. They are brimming with mysticism and nostalgia.

In 2015, Shelley released her third album ‘Over And Even’. For this record, she was backed by the one and only Will Oldham, who is firstly known to the world as Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy. "One of the most beautiful releases of the year." (NPR music)

Live, Joan is accompanied by guitar player Nathan Salsburg, who also happens to administer the archive of Alan Lomax. 

Joan Shelley (US)

Joan Shelly's new album, Over And Even, was written in the back of an abandoned beauty parlor on the island of Thessaloniki. The whole thing had something to do with Vashti Bunyan. That's what Joan told me, but Joan Shelley is a poet, so she makes things up. In a small, dark room that smells…

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Nathan Salsburg (US)

I suppose it’s not terribly difficult to play a guitar – to hold the thing in your arms, to move your hands across its body in all the prescribed and proven ways, to coax a little melody into being. But what Nathan Salsburg – an acoustic guitarist and the curator of the Alan Lomax archive, a…

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vrijdag 11.03.2016
deuren 20:00
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